Through education, research and advocacy, Gastric Cancer Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by stomach cancer and to working with leading researchers to find a cure. We are committed to fulfilling our mission through:

Education: Gastric Cancer Foundation serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone with stomach cancer, their family, friends or caregivers – after a new diagnosis, during treatment and post-treatment. Our website provides a central resource of information to teach people about the disease, treatment options, and how to move forward. To learn more about stomach cancer please visit About Gastric Cancer.

Research: Gastric Cancer Foundation funds cutting edge research in stomach cancer. In 2011, Gastric Cancer Foundation opened the first national Gastric Cancer Registry, a data bank of information and tissue samples to support intensified research and advance understanding of the disease. Registry data is fueling research that will lead to new strategies to diagnose, treat and defeat stomach cancer. To learn more about our research projects and the first Gastric Cancer Registry please visit the “Focus on Research” section of our website.

Advocacy and community: Gastric Cancer Foundation works to connect patients and caregivers to a supportive community of people who have experienced similar struggles and can provide hope and encouragement. Gastric Cancer Foundation also strives to increase awareness of stomach cancer through ongoing outreach and communications activities, and a growing number of events held across the United States. Gastric Cancer Foundation partners with other cancer organizations to increase the collective focus on all types of cancer research, and on stomach cancer in particular. Connect With Us and Make A Difference.