History & Founder

In 2009 JP Gallagher, a San Francisco Bay Area professional diagnosed with stomach cancer at age 37, founded Gastric Cancer Foundation (Gastric Cancer Foundation – originally called the Gastric Cancer Fund).

JP GallagherAfter treatment that included the complete removal of his stomach, JP wanted to address the disturbing lack of information available to patients and the terribly inadequate level of funding for research. JP’s vision was to create an organization that would advance research to find a cure, and help patients and caregivers cope with and understand the disease. With the encouragement and guidance of his father-in-law, Dave Grogan, and the support of his friend and oncologist, Dr. James Ford, JP mobilized a dedicated group of volunteer leaders to launch Gastric Cancer Foundation. An extraordinary partnership was formed with The V Foundation for Cancer Research, which has enabled the young non-profit to grow under the fiscal sponsorship and with the support of an established and highly respected cancer organization .

Under JP’s leadership, Gastric Cancer Foundation has raised millions of dollars for cancer research from generous individuals and corporations. In addition to providing patients with resources and information via the website and events, Gastric Cancer Foundation has funded some of the most important research in stomach cancer.

Sadly, JP experienced two recurrences of stomach cancer. Though he stayed active as Gastric Cancer Foundation Chairman until the very end, he lost his battle with the disease and passed away on February 26, 2013.

The Board and volunteers remain committed to continuing JP’s strong legacy and will honor the mission and momentum of Gastric Cancer Foundation. With continued investment from Gastric Cancer Foundation, we are determined to find a cure.