Wornick Jewish Day School Tzedakah Project

Published on: May 06, 2010

events_clip_WornickSchool_1Tzedakah is a Hebrew word commonly translated as charity. In Judaism, tzedakah refers to the religious obligation to perform charity, and philanthropic acts. Each year at the Wornick Jewish Day School in Foster City, CA, seventh graders are asked to select a charity to support as part of their Tzedakah Project.

events_clip_WornickSchool_2This year, Brad Moore selected the Gastric Cancer Fund in honor of his grandfather, who died of gastric cancer. Brad did research on our organization, wrote a research paper, gave presentations and raised funds with his fellow classmates to support our cause. On May 6, $1,002 was donated to the Gastric Cancer Fund based on Brad’s efforts and the support of the Wornick Jewish Day School.

Special thanks to Brad and the entire seventh grade class at Wornick Jewish Day School for this generous contribution.