You can make a difference in guiding research to find a cure.

Join over 350 people who have enrolled in the registry, the only comprehensive gastric cancer registry in the country.

In order to conduct breakthrough research, we encourage all people with gastric cancer (or their families) to sign up with the registry. It’s an easy process that can make a world of difference.

Contact the Registry at (650) 497-3619 or with questions or for assistance in completing registration.

About the Gastric Cancer Registry

In 2011, Gastric Cancer Foundation launched the first Gastric Cancer Registry, a secure HIPAA-compliant database at Stanford University. Registry researchers gather comprehensive data about people with stomach cancer, including lifestyle, health and family histories, environmental factors as well as physical samples of the tumors themselves.

These samples allow researchers to conduct sophisticated and advanced genomic analyses and compile information from a large group of people. This may include future studies that identify gastric cancer’s molecular complexities and map associations between specific genetic errors and a patient’s prognosis and outcome.

Because the data collection is so comprehensive, the registry enables far more than molecular understanding of stomach cancer. Through registry data, researchers may:

  • Analyze multiple variables to determine trends
  • Explore relationships between a patient’s lifestyle, environment, and personal risk factors in the onset of gastric cancer
  • Identify genetic, environmental, geographic, ethnic, occupational, and other differences that provide clues for potential risk factors
  • Inform the direction of projects geared towards early detection and educational outreach with preliminary findings
  • Support research in behavioral or lifestyle factors that may improve the quality of life for people with gastric cancer

The Gastric Cancer Registry was created with the generosity of Diane and Ronald Weintraub, in memory of their beloved daughter Beth Weintraub Schoenfeld.