Welcome to the Gesundheit Kitchen

The Gastric Cancer Foundation welcomes you into the kitchen with our Board Member, Hans Rueffert – widely known as “the chef without a stomach.” Through this monthly series, Hans will teach us how to make some of the simple and nutritious meals that have helped him as a gastric cancer survivor. 

This information is not provided as medical advice. We urge you to consult with your physician regarding the most appropriate diet for your condition.

Episode 8: A Hot New Take on Chili

Welcome Intro to the Series

Hello from the Gesundheit Kitchen

Episode 1: Okra and Tempeh

(download the recipe)

Episode 2: Hummus

(download the recipe)

Episode 3: Pizza Party


Episode 4: Kale Salad

(download the recipe)

Episode 5: Cuenca Tuna Salad


Episode 6: Miso Soup

Episode 7: Pancake Mood

Episode 8: Chili

Meet Hans Rueffert, “The Chef without a Stomach”

Gastric Cancer Foundation Board member Hans Rueffert has been featured on television with Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN) and on “The Doctors” (NBC).